Place: Pago de Benavente, Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos.

Soils: Antehojuelas alberos of Cretaceous
nature and fine limestone-siliceous alberos of
tosca hojaldrada and Oligocene origin.

Viticulture: Surface tillage of the soil. Organic
fertilizer after harvest. Goblet and trellis pruning
seeking to limit the production and balance of the
plants. Ecological handling.

Variety: Pedro Ximénez.

Harvest date: August 26th, 27th and 28th, 2020.

Elaboration: Fermentation in stainless steel. Aging
on lees for 7 months.

Number of bottles produced: 1,225 bottles.

D.O.P Montilla-Moriles

13.5% VOL.
75 cl.
8 - 9ºC


At sight, pale with golden reflections. Being a wine that fuses the terroir of the Sierra de Montilla with that of Moriles, we find a freshness on the nose. Notes of stone fruit and apple, typical of the Sierra. Furthermore, we can find on the palate the personality of Moriles, power and verticality.



The winter of 2020 had a dry start, preceded by an autumn with little rain and mild temperatures. The spring temperatures of February and March advanced budding by an average of two weeks, thus advancing the entire phenological cycle. In spring and summer, the rain was also scarce, registering an accumulated precipitation that did not reach 400 mm. The high temperatures arrived soon, already in June maximums exceeded 40 degrees. The rain of the second week of August gave a respite to the vineyard, which recovered a little strength, to continue feeding and progressively maturing its fruits. Finally, the high temperatures of the last week of August provoked an early harvest, as expected.

Water stress due to high temperatures and low rainfall marked this vintage of low production and accelerated maturation. This climatology contributes to the obtaining of concentrated Pedro Ximénez grapes with a certain warmth and character.