Toro Albalá is a family winery with a centennial history, where the pass of years and the know-how had the last said. Time, silence, vintage wines that express each harvest’s essence like unique artisanal gems. Nowadays, Antonio Sánchez is the head of the winery, recognized with the best international awards and considered one of the 100 Spanish Gold Wineries.


Antonio Sánchez is the father of Bodegas Toro Albalá. With a different view on the generous Andalusian wine world, he has been a revolutionary since the 70’s. Tradition, delicacy, affection, investigation and effort in every decision. His legacy offers wine lovers authentic oenological author gems.



We like to preserve traditions and take care of every little detail. For this reason, our most special wines are garnished by a team of artisans who convey that special affection. Each bottle expresses, from the inside to the outside, its great singularity.