Our beginnings go back to 1844, when the family founded a small wine cellar in an old windmill known as La Noria, in the hillside of Castillo de Aguilar de la Frontera. Back then, wine was made in a rudimentary way and commercialized in the family tavern.

In 1922, after some generations, José María Toro Albalá acquired and reformed the town’ sold power plant for the purpose of transferring the wine cellar and storing wines to age them for years until they became oenological gems. Bodegas Toro Albalá was then established, achieving a true feat back at that time and a philosophy preserved to this day.

With the generational change in the 70’s, Antonio Sánchez strived in search for the winery’s distinctiveness and own personality, betting on the vintage system and obtaining unmistakable wines. Nowadays, Bodegas Toro Albalá is considered one of the 100 Spanish Golden Wineries and it can be found on the world’s most remarkable dining tables.


Aguilar de la Frontera's Wine Cellar

This wine cellar’s origin is linked to the foundation of Bodegas Toro Albalá in 1922, in the facilities of a 14.000-m2 long old power plant, with abundant underground tunnels ideal for the ageing and conservation of wines. Nowadays, it’s still the headquarters, where the foundational solera, the tasting room -with one of the largest wine, alcohol and oenology libraries of Spain-, the singular surface wine cellar and the wine and archaeology museum are preserved. A unique place of sensations between wine, history and culture.

Moriles Wine Cellar

In the Moriles wine cellar, there can be found our ageing cellars for old vintage wines and traditional vinegars. It’s one of the largest of Spain, where the vinegar ages slowly in over 1.000 oak butts for a long time. Thanks to the natural environment’s influence on the wine which we use as raw material, and with the help of time, we can offer exceptional vinegars of their vintages. Fino wine ageing cellars are also located in Moriles’ wine cellar.


Bodegas Toro Albalá is inside the P.O.D Montilla-Moriles zone. It’s part of one of the largest Andalusian viticulture zones, which are characterised by the elaboration of fino wines, due to the considerable presence of albariza soils.

One of the main characteristics of this Cordovan region is the cultivation of Pedro Ximénez grape, which is utilised in the elaboration of our dry wines as well as the sweet ones. Since the phylloxera crisis, a new strain of this grape is being used. Its adaptation to the zone’s climate makes it a perfect choice to endure the lack of rain and high temperatures during summer.

We select the best soils for the cultivation, harvesting and elaborating of our different wines from these small plots. As for the finos, amontillados and Pedro Ximénez sweets (Don PX), it’s strictly compulsory they are from the higher quality zones (Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos). The small lands from the Montalbán zone are needed for the raisining of grapes.


In Bodegas Toro Albalá, we have placed our trust in the vintage system to elaborate wine of unique and unmistakeable character. Wines that express the essence of each harvest and decision made.  

We like to preserve traditions and take care of every little detail. For this reason, our most special wines are garnished by a team of artisans who convey that special affection in each bottle.  

  • Handmade labelling with quality materials such as natural papers or natural oak.
  • Numerated and signed bottles  by the author that has taken care of the wine since the beginning.
  • Natural sealing  with a unique seal of our Toro Albalá symbol which certifies and assures the quality.