This wine proceeds from the sacristy that the Palma family had in the basement of their house located in Aguilar de la Frontera. The butt stack’s temperature and humidity were preserved in perfect conditions, which allowed this amontillado to age statically with refinement and elegance. José María Toro Albalá acquired this relic and stored it in his winery, waiting for the right moment to commercialize it. It has obtained 98 Robert Parker points.

“Convento Selección” are wines that have aged for generations in amontillado butts so that the wine and wood could merge with time and result into an unmatchable flavour. Our bottling system is called “Convento Selección” in honour to the Cistercian monk system in which the wine is classified in their own series. The entire elaboration is handmade, following San Benito’s Recula Rule: “Living off the work of our hands.”

D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles.


  • Sight: Amber with beautiful copper reflections.
  • Aroma: Strong aromatic intensity where tobacco leaves, orange peel, dried peaches and old wood smells stand out. In addition, some subtle oxidative nuances demonstrate its age and its long biological ageing process.
  • Taste: Very dry and outright. Its ageing can be appreciated in the perfect balance of tenacity, high acidity and salinity. The umami flavour and sapidity are proof of its considerable longevity.


Ideal for game meats or beef stew, mushrooms, smoked dishes, ham, bull’s tail, sardines, tuna jerky and blue cheese.