After harvesting the grapes in the month of August, with temperatures up to 45ºC, and after the sun drying process, a must was produced and, after remaining at rest for a year, went into wood. It was made in the first week of September. After raisining for 9 days and subsequent pressing, a must with a high sugar content was obtained which, after a rest period, was alcoholized before being aged in American oak casks.

“Convento Selección” are wines that have aged for generations in amontillado butts so that the wine and wood could merge with time and result into an unmatchable flavor. Our bottling system is called “Convento Selección” in honor to the Cistercian monk system in which the wine is classified in their own series. The entire elaboration is handmade, following San Benito’s Recula Rule: “Living off the work of our hands.”

D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles.


Dark mahogany color, of great density that when turns stains the glass. Raisined fruit, dates, dried apricots and grapes, also aroma of orange peel, chocolate, and coffee. Sweet entry, balanced acidity and great persistence. It is a nectar for the senses.


This Don PX harmonizes perfectly with dark chocolate desserts and blue cheeses.