The Centenario wines convey the character and spirit of the winery. They are the result of Antonio Sánchez and each of the workers’ efforts and care for years.

Both the Amontillado and the Pedro Ximénez are wines selected by Antonio Sánchez decades ago, with a very special purpose, to share them during Holy Week with his friends and family. They were only opened on those dates, the rest of the year they wouldn’t allow anyone to touch them. Today, Antonio has decided it’s time to share them with the rest of the world.

The Palo Cortado is a selected butt from the many that we have in the cellar as a result of the desire for collecting. This wine has been chosen because it has all the characteristics of a good palo cortado and reflects the character of Toro Albalá. We have bred palo cortado for decades, but it was not until relatively recently, when we began to market it.

WINE TYPE: Palo Cortado.

GRAPE VARIETY: Pedro Ximénez.

NUMBER OF BOTTLES: 450 bottles.

CRIANZA: Biological and oxidative ageing, static.

D.O.P Montilla-Moriles

22% VOL.
75 cl.
12 - 13ºC


Amber colour with coppery and greenish hues. High aromatic intensity, noble and elegant. Tobacco, wood and spices, nuts, and a touch of citrus aromas. Voluminous and dry entry. High acidity and salinity, with a certain tannin and an elegant bitter touch, which time has been responsible for enhancing and balancing.



Ideal to accompany meats such as lamb, oxtail, pickled partridge, fatty fish and stews.