Visiting Bodegas Toro Albalá is to time travel. A place to immerse yourself in the past and walk between wine butts, vegetation, culture and antiques.

One of the most exclusive zones for visitors is the Tasting Room lead by a God Bacchus figure from the 2nd century A.C, a present from an important English lord, Antonio Sánchez’s close friend who fell in love with the wine cellar. Inside the tasting room, there can be found one of the largest libraries about wine and oenology of Spain. On its walls, the visitors can admire authentic extracts from the scientific and botanic Rojas Clemente (1777-1827) with grape varieties from around the world, as well as books about different agricultural techniques, tastings and old utensils from Antonio Sánchez's laboratory.

The Surface Wine Cellar is in those walls’ highest zones, where we are currently storing very old Palo Cortado from 1964, one of our winery’s treasures, with signatures from the most remarkable characters to have visited us.

Another place very much loved by our visitors is the Foundational Ageing Cellar, where the most valued gems of the winery are located, as well as the private archaeological museum, which wraps up a vast and very valuable family heritage.

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An archaeological and cultural private museum is hiding in the foundational Toro Albalá wine cellar. A place that envelops the visitor in a very valuable legacy where Iberian archaeology and objects from the past live together as a result of family heritage and personal gifts.

Iberian falcatas mix with typing machines from the end of the 19th century, fossils, Greek relics or roman coins, and many other objects of incalculable value. A truly unique place that transforms the visitor into a time traveller and a generous wine oenology explorer.