This artisanal wine’s origin is the result of Antonio Sánchez’s personal choice and decision over the bottling’s most favourable time. Valued for being rare, deep and very sweet, elaborated with 100% Pedro Ximénez raisined grape clusters. A wine qualified as “impressive and unique” with 95 Robert Parker points.

“Convento Selección” are wines that have aged for generations in amontillado butts so that the wine and wood could merge with time and result into an unmatchable flavour. Our bottling system is called “Convento Selección” in honour to the Cistercian monk system in which the wine is classified in their own series. The entire elaboration is handmade, following San Benito’s Recula Rule: “Living off the work of our hands.”

D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles.


  • Sight: Jet black with very bright amber reflections in the laterals and a very high layer. When shaken, its amazing density and intense iodized tones are shown.
  • Aroma:  The first smells to appear are candied orange, dried figs, raisins, roasted apple, white pepper, cinnamon, almond and marzipan, followed by the aroma of coffee grains, liquorice and tobacco leaves.
  • Taste:  It’s a wine with a lingering finish that envelops the whole mouth on its pass thanks to the high density of sugars. Silky, light and a well-balanced acidity with a bitter finish.


It’s anexcellent wine as accompaniment at the end of a meal, with ice cream, coffee, blue cheese and strong cheeses.